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The holiday weekend was excellent. I put together a damn good 4 day/3 night bachelor party here in Boston for my old friend Bri-- I think rock stars would have been jealous. Some highlights included: lobster dinner at Durgin park on Thursday night, playing cards at the rooftop pooldeck at the Collonade, watching the fireworks on the Fourth from our boat on the Charles River, a round of drinks at the Top of the Hub, truly magnificent porterhouse steaks at Morton's on Saturday, fine port and cigars at Cigar Masters, and a rendezvous with a bachelorette party from my and Bri's hometown at a piano bar on Lansdowne Street.

I'll be posting pics soon!

And also, I bought my Garand! I spent a bit more than I'd originally planned, but I unquestionably got the pick of the litter. It's a Springfield Armory rifle, built sometime around August of 1944. Almost 64 years old, but still in gorgeous condition. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet-- maybe later on this week. I've already ordered some clips and a m1923 cartridge belt to go with it, and I'm hoping for a deal on a bayonet on ebay. I'll probably end up with a Korean War-era one, they seem to go for a third the price of a decent WWII example. I'll have to take a pic of the new toy, too!

Psychic Salespeople

I just spent $150 on framed photographs for my office. There I was, typing away on a motion when a stranger poked her head into my office and introduced herself as "the art girl." Apparently she had sold some framed prints to our office a bit before I started here and was back with a new set. My walls are still mostly bare (I finally hung some diplomas and licenses recently), and I had done a bit of shopping for some pre-framed art prints last weekend, but I was picky and came back empty handed. The stuff the girl brought in looked good and matched the frames I was already using, so I picked up three of my favorites, all interesting shots of Boston landmarks. Score. Frees up some more of my uppcoming weekend. Next time I need some art, apparently all I need to do is think about it real hard :)
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End of Year Odds and Ends

The last few months have been as eventful as ever-- I won't bore folks with the details, but the new job is working out very well. I'm getting great experience, including the opportunity to do lots of trials, and having fun doing it. The only two problems are that it's tough to stay on top of the paperwork while I'm spending so much time in court and that the organizational system for the office is badly suited for the volume of appearances and appointments we handle. The solution to the first problem has been learning to utilize the support staff more efficiently, and the solution to the second will be to move our scheduling system to Outlook and set up a comprehensive Open Files database, which I intend to base off of the setup we used at my old office. On a side note, I can't believe I've been a practicing attorney for five years already...

I've been active on the local 40k tournament scene and done well, and even forayed into a WHFB team tournament a few weeks back. Fun stuff. I've also made it out to the range a few times lately, and have a lot future shoots scheduled with friends interested in trying shooting. Good times!

My car has been a magnet for trouble lately. I got hit by a rock on Route 24 that cracked my windshield, and then got into an accident a week later. While driving a rental while my ride was being worked on I hit a dishwasher or something that fell off a truck on I-95. When I got my car back, it still had a bunch of problems, some of which haven't been fixed yet-- and yesterday I noticed fresh damage on the part of the car that had just been fixed! What a pain.

My other source of technology woes has been the new PC I put together last month. The hardware all works fine out of the box, but Vista is the worst M$ OS I've had to deal with since Win98. I couldn't get anything to work with it, so I gave up and upgraded to XP. I'll probably redo it as a dual boot when I get the chance, since you need Vista to run the latest DirectX.

I took some time this month and sorted through my pictures from the last year and uploaded a few favorites on my homepage. Check 'em out.

Happy holidays everyone! Lea and I are throwing a party at our place for New Years, hope to see everyone there!
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Great Success!

The big news this week is that lilbabylea is officially a licensed Pharmacist! She graduated in May, took the boards last Friday and on Tuesday, and got confirmation that she passed today. She'll find out her actual scores on the exams soon, but I'm pretty sure that they'll be off the charts :) She's now officially the Pharmacy Manager of the gorgous brand new CVS store on Route 9 in Newton, about the best possible position that the company could offer anyone. She kicks ass all over the place and CVS knows it :)

Now that Lea knows where she'll be working we've started planning to buy our first house. We're not in any big rush for a few reasons: we've got a sweet deal right now here in Dorchester, we're okay on space since Lea's not pregnant yet, we could use some extra time to square away our finances, plus the market doesn't seem to have bottomed out yet around here. But we are keeping an eye out, and if we see the right place for the right price we may end up moving on it sooner than we expect. Someplace in Milton, Canton, or Quincy would probably be ideal so that we can stay close to Lea's family for free babysitting and it would keep our commutes reasonable. We're also considering splitting a two-family with Lea's sister and her husband, we'll have to see if the timing works out.

She's Made a Dot Rat Outta Me...

In other news... Lea and I have decided to move down to Dorchester at the end of June. Her family owns the place and it's in a nice area around the corner from the church Lea and I got married in. We don't know how long we'll be down there, but it'll be a great way to save some money. The only catch is that it needs some work before we can move in, so we'll be having some folks over all day this coming Saturday to strip wallpaper and prep for painting (which we hope to do the weekend after). There will be pizza and beer for those who can make it out.

Btw, I added my schools to my user profile... neat feature. Still waiting for my last Elementary School to be approved.

Memorial Day Weekend '06

Friday night we met up with lindyninja and kickindancer, bunkai_man and katesg7, derbyhat and Stephanie to watch Xmen3 in Boston. Randomly, Matt ended up sitting right in front of us. It was fun, about on par with the second Xmen movie-- great visuals, a couple great one-liners, and the story held my interest. Movies like this are great for watching while cleaning guns-- put them on, follow the dialogue, and look up from what you're doing when a good action sequence comes on.

Saturday morning Lea and I drove out to our friend Dan's place near Poughkeepsie, NY for his graduation party-- he just finished up his Masters in English. It was relaxing-- the high point was an intense game of whiffle ball. We took off around 9pm and drove into the city, where we planned to stay for the weekend. Our friend Sara was unfortunately out of town for the weekend, but she left the key to her place with my buddy Derik, so we picked it up from his place and crashed at her place in the Lower East Side.

On Sunday we drove back uptown (parking in NYC was pretty easy because of the long weekend) and met up with Dave and Andrea for lunch at the Carnegie Deli. The place lived up to its reputation-- I got a 6 inch plus tall pile of Roast Beef on top of a slice of Rye with another slice balanced on top (their idea of a sandwich). We all walked around the Times Square area for a little while and then headed back to Sara's place so Lea could do her homework. We had a quiet dinner together at a nearby Sushi place and then walked over to the Strand, my favorite bookstore on the planet. After they closed up we caught a late show of the Da Vinci code, which was entertaining... it was a pretty good adaptation, although it edited out a lot of the more interesting parts of the book. I should re-read it one of these days.

Monday morning we met up with Derik and his friend Theresa for lunch and did some shopping-- Lea picked up a new pair of Pumas she'd been looking for and I finally bought a pocket-sized digital camera, a Canon Powershot SD450. I've been a big fan of the Canon cameras since I was selling them back in school, and playing with new one has confirmed my opinion. The camera was cheaper than pretty much any of the cameras I used to sell back 5 years ago, more compact, and much faster between shots than even the high-end cameras were back then. The movie mode lasts 8-45 minutes per gig of memory compared to 30-45 seconds, so it may even be useful. It has a huge screen, and retains an optical viewfinder, which is a big plus for when the glare prevents use of the LCD. Unbelievable. We got on the road around 2:30 and made it back to Worcester in time to catch Jamie and Melanie's BBQ. Zack brought a few gallons of home brew with him and we had some fun "touch" football out back. Great time.

I Was Deliberately Wasting Your Time, Sir.

Ugh. Today was rough at work... The bunch of NYC morons I spent all week last week chasing for documents seemed genuinely surprised that they screwed up the deal I've been working on by giving us the info we needed 72 hours late. I spent all day trying to salvage things, and expect to look like a complete idiot when the house of cards I spent all day today building falls apart again tomorrow morning. Dealing with these jokers has reminded me of Monthy Python's Cheese Shop sketch... it's sad that I can't end this whole charade by shooting them.

The day's bright spot was an unexpected call from sharpshootah, who I'd barely talked to in the past year. The rush you get after talking with a friend you hadn't spoken to in a long time as though nothing at all has changed has to be one of the best feelings in the world. Hopefully I'll be getting together with her later in the week to catch up. The whole episode makes me want to get back in touch with a dozen people I've lost track of in the last couple years-- Mike A., Rachel F., Yogi and Liz, Andy and Lily, and others... I'll have to sort through my Palm address list this weekend and get on the phone. If you're reading this and we haven't hung out in a while, give me a call... I've actually got free time again these days.
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