July 7th, 2008


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The holiday weekend was excellent. I put together a damn good 4 day/3 night bachelor party here in Boston for my old friend Bri-- I think rock stars would have been jealous. Some highlights included: lobster dinner at Durgin park on Thursday night, playing cards at the rooftop pooldeck at the Collonade, watching the fireworks on the Fourth from our boat on the Charles River, a round of drinks at the Top of the Hub, truly magnificent porterhouse steaks at Morton's on Saturday, fine port and cigars at Cigar Masters, and a rendezvous with a bachelorette party from my and Bri's hometown at a piano bar on Lansdowne Street.

I'll be posting pics soon!

And also, I bought my Garand! I spent a bit more than I'd originally planned, but I unquestionably got the pick of the litter. It's a Springfield Armory rifle, built sometime around August of 1944. Almost 64 years old, but still in gorgeous condition. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet-- maybe later on this week. I've already ordered some clips and a m1923 cartridge belt to go with it, and I'm hoping for a deal on a bayonet on ebay. I'll probably end up with a Korean War-era one, they seem to go for a third the price of a decent WWII example. I'll have to take a pic of the new toy, too!