Will (ninjalawyer) wrote,

Dead to the World Infodump

The last few weeks have been insanely busy. I've been consistently working 60 hour weeks at the new job and I feel like I've completely lost touch with everyone and everything other than Lea.

That's not completely true... I did get to spend some time with Bri and Alan while they were in town for Thanksgiving, and got to relax a bit that weekend. I definitely needed that. Unfortunately, things don't seem likely to calm down any time soon, either. I'm strangely resigned to this. Despite the stress I've been enjoying the work and I've been learning even more about the practice of law than I thought expected to. It's not the hours themselves that bother me, it's just the growing sense of isolation. I need to get out more and make better use of my ever-diminishing down time.

Random stuff... My computer has been in pieces for a couple weeks now. I took it apart to do some upgrades and pack it into a Micro-ATX case, but I couldn't get the damn thing to work. Seems like another defective Motherboard, but it could be a mistake on my part. Tonight I'll take one last stab at getting it to run before putting my old box back together... Does anyone have any suggestions on good Micro-ATX MBs?

Lea and I have our wedding album mostly together now. We're about to order the last of the stuff we need to finish it, plus what we'll need to do our parents' albums. My Dad is scanning in the photos for us, so hopefully I'll be able to add more to the ones up on the webpage soon...
Tags: computer, friends, job

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