Will (ninjalawyer) wrote,

3 Random Quotes of the day

1. "You can't make a muppet out of D20." -angryfederalist
2. "I would have no qualms licking any part of this weapon. Oh wait... there's a bit of lint on the firing pin." - zack
3. "I'm Swedish and Irish. That's why I work so hard for so little." --Kris

  • Happy VI day!

    http://www.zombietime.com/vi_day/ An idea whose time has come.

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    The holiday weekend was excellent. I put together a damn good 4 day/3 night bachelor party here in Boston for my old friend Bri-- I think rock stars…

  • Psychic Salespeople

    I just spent $150 on framed photographs for my office. There I was, typing away on a motion when a stranger poked her head into my office and…

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