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Great Success!

The big news this week is that lilbabylea is officially a licensed Pharmacist! She graduated in May, took the boards last Friday and on Tuesday, and got confirmation that she passed today. She'll find out her actual scores on the exams soon, but I'm pretty sure that they'll be off the charts :) She's now officially the Pharmacy Manager of the gorgous brand new CVS store on Route 9 in Newton, about the best possible position that the company could offer anyone. She kicks ass all over the place and CVS knows it :)

Now that Lea knows where she'll be working we've started planning to buy our first house. We're not in any big rush for a few reasons: we've got a sweet deal right now here in Dorchester, we're okay on space since Lea's not pregnant yet, we could use some extra time to square away our finances, plus the market doesn't seem to have bottomed out yet around here. But we are keeping an eye out, and if we see the right place for the right price we may end up moving on it sooner than we expect. Someplace in Milton, Canton, or Quincy would probably be ideal so that we can stay close to Lea's family for free babysitting and it would keep our commutes reasonable. We're also considering splitting a two-family with Lea's sister and her husband, we'll have to see if the timing works out.
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