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End of Year Odds and Ends

The last few months have been as eventful as ever-- I won't bore folks with the details, but the new job is working out very well. I'm getting great experience, including the opportunity to do lots of trials, and having fun doing it. The only two problems are that it's tough to stay on top of the paperwork while I'm spending so much time in court and that the organizational system for the office is badly suited for the volume of appearances and appointments we handle. The solution to the first problem has been learning to utilize the support staff more efficiently, and the solution to the second will be to move our scheduling system to Outlook and set up a comprehensive Open Files database, which I intend to base off of the setup we used at my old office. On a side note, I can't believe I've been a practicing attorney for five years already...

I've been active on the local 40k tournament scene and done well, and even forayed into a WHFB team tournament a few weeks back. Fun stuff. I've also made it out to the range a few times lately, and have a lot future shoots scheduled with friends interested in trying shooting. Good times!

My car has been a magnet for trouble lately. I got hit by a rock on Route 24 that cracked my windshield, and then got into an accident a week later. While driving a rental while my ride was being worked on I hit a dishwasher or something that fell off a truck on I-95. When I got my car back, it still had a bunch of problems, some of which haven't been fixed yet-- and yesterday I noticed fresh damage on the part of the car that had just been fixed! What a pain.

My other source of technology woes has been the new PC I put together last month. The hardware all works fine out of the box, but Vista is the worst M$ OS I've had to deal with since Win98. I couldn't get anything to work with it, so I gave up and upgraded to XP. I'll probably redo it as a dual boot when I get the chance, since you need Vista to run the latest DirectX.

I took some time this month and sorted through my pictures from the last year and uploaded a few favorites on my homepage. Check 'em out.

Happy holidays everyone! Lea and I are throwing a party at our place for New Years, hope to see everyone there!

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