Will (ninjalawyer) wrote,

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Psychic Salespeople

I just spent $150 on framed photographs for my office. There I was, typing away on a motion when a stranger poked her head into my office and introduced herself as "the art girl." Apparently she had sold some framed prints to our office a bit before I started here and was back with a new set. My walls are still mostly bare (I finally hung some diplomas and licenses recently), and I had done a bit of shopping for some pre-framed art prints last weekend, but I was picky and came back empty handed. The stuff the girl brought in looked good and matched the frames I was already using, so I picked up three of my favorites, all interesting shots of Boston landmarks. Score. Frees up some more of my uppcoming weekend. Next time I need some art, apparently all I need to do is think about it real hard :)

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