Dead to the World Infodump

The last few weeks have been insanely busy. I've been consistently working 60 hour weeks at the new job and I feel like I've completely lost touch with everyone and everything other than Lea.

That's not completely true... I did get to spend some time with Bri and Alan while they were in town for Thanksgiving, and got to relax a bit that weekend. I definitely needed that. Unfortunately, things don't seem likely to calm down any time soon, either. I'm strangely resigned to this. Despite the stress I've been enjoying the work and I've been learning even more about the practice of law than I thought expected to. It's not the hours themselves that bother me, it's just the growing sense of isolation. I need to get out more and make better use of my ever-diminishing down time.

Random stuff... My computer has been in pieces for a couple weeks now. I took it apart to do some upgrades and pack it into a Micro-ATX case, but I couldn't get the damn thing to work. Seems like another defective Motherboard, but it could be a mistake on my part. Tonight I'll take one last stab at getting it to run before putting my old box back together... Does anyone have any suggestions on good Micro-ATX MBs?

Lea and I have our wedding album mostly together now. We're about to order the last of the stuff we need to finish it, plus what we'll need to do our parents' albums. My Dad is scanning in the photos for us, so hopefully I'll be able to add more to the ones up on the webpage soon...

Good Times

Lots of good news this week.

Last Saturday Lea and I attended Shavenyak and katesg7's wedding and had a great time. The ceremony was at a gorgeous old church in Winchester and the reception at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, both excellent choices, and a good time was had by all. The wedding was early, so they threw an afterparty at Jillian's that night. It was fun to continue celebrating the wedding wearing normal clothes and doing normal going-out stuff. A nice change of pace after all of the weddings we've been to these last few months. I'm sure that Shavenyak and Katie will be very happy together.

It was also good to meet Rob's old college friends at his bachelor party the Thursday prior to the wedding, they seemed like a great bunch of guys. I missed the day's early activities and met up with them at Fire and Ice in Harvard Sq. (which, by the way, is freaking heaven for Atkins dieters) and then we played a few hours of 4 on 4 HALO capture the flag. I think I'm getting addicted. I may have to pick up an Xbox when HALO 2 comes out.

Speaking of getting to like new games, last night I won my first no-limit texas hold 'em tournament! I was playing pretty well and I had some good luck early on. Those early wins built up my stack to the point where I was able to survive an expensive beat by Zack toward the middle of the game and recover. When it was down to the last three players I went all in on an AJ before the flop. Paul, the chip leader, called me (I forget with what) and got clobbered when two more Jacks came up. From there on it was smooth sailing. It's been a few weeks since I've played well, and I'm usually one of the first ones to go when we have these tournaments. It was especially satisfying to take Paul's money :)

Also speaking of games I like, I'm putting together my first Car Wars game in ten years (Division 15 at the Cloverleaf). If you're interested in playing, email me with your availability.

Lea and I are talking about going down to visit DC over Columbus day weekend. She's never been, so we'll probably hit the touristy places and visit some old friends of mine. If you're in the metro DC area and want to hang out while I'm down there, let me know.

I've been sending out my resume lately, and I had two interviews this week, both of which went very well. The one I had on Tuesday is a real estate closing gig, the one I had today is for an associate spot at a small general practice firm. Both seem like great places to work. The closing job seems like it would involve minimal actual legal work, but the second seems like a good place to develop my skills. The interview was unusual-- after a few minutes chatting in his office, the owner took me out with him for an hour while he ran some errands. He did most of the talking. He pretty much told me his life story and outlined why he was looking for an associate and what qualities he felt were important. It was actually pretty fun. We got along well and he invited me back for a second interview with his office manager on Monday. It sounds like if that goes well the job is mine. It's pretty much what I've been looking for for the last year, so if the money's right I'll take it. Hopefully the money is good enough that I can replace my car, since the firm is up on the North Shore.

All in all it's been a kick-ass week. Life is good.


Poker was a lot of fun last night. I played better than I have in a long time and came out pretty far ahead. My buddy Zack showed up late and drunk-- he played a few hands, ordered some Chinese food, and then passed out on the couch about halfway into the night. Just before we all went home, our mutual friend Matt swiped the fortune cookie he had left uneaten. It read: "You and your wife will be happy in your life together." Now Matt is a bachelor, but Zack is getting married NEXT WEEK. It looks like that rat bastard Matt sniped Zack on that fortune and made off with the happy life that Zack and Kristina were destined for. If things go badly for them, we know who to blame.

Dieting, Demotion, Sun Burn, and Car Wars...

On the way to B's wedding a couple weeks ago I decided to try the Atkins diet, based primarily on the success a number of my friends had had with it. When Lea and I got back, I spent the week in phase I of the diet-- eating all of the carbs in our kitchen :) A week ago, when they were all gone, I started induction (limitation of 20g carbs/day for 2 weeks). It's been going pretty well. I don't think I've managed to keep my consumption quite at 20g (it's hard to keep count when you're eating out as much as I've been), but I've come reasonably close. I haven't been militant about monitoring my weight, but I've definitely been making significant progress. Atkins is a great first step for me because of the nature of the rules-- if you break them, the diet doesn't work and you're even worse off than you would have been without it. It helps you maintain discipline that way, which I hope to apply to an exercise regime as I ease off of Atkins. Rob pretty much sold me on a gym in the area, and I suspect that I'll be joining there soon.

Zack and Kristina's wedding is coming up quick, and then Rob and Katie's soon after. I notice that I'm steadily getting demoted-- first I'm the groom, then best man man at the next one, then an usher at the one after that, then a regular guest... if this keeps up I'll be washing dishes in the backroom if I get invited at all :)

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Robert reminded me that I need to put together some people for a game of Car Wars sometime soon. Any of you mob ever play?

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lilbabylea and I spent last weekend in Connecticut attending lindyninja and kickindancer's wedding. It was well-planned, ran smoothly, and a lot of fun for everyone who attended.

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It was a wonderful wedding and a terrific weekend. Thank you, B and Amy, for showing us such a wonderful time. I couldn't he happier for you two and I couldn't be prouder to be there as Best Man.

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Well, it's 9:00 on Sunday and I'm awake, but not blasting clay pigeons like I'd hoped to be. I'm at work, pulling in some sweet overtime pay, but not terribly happy about it. Speaking as an economist, I must be happy about it, since I'm here, but that doesn't really help much.

I'm particularly unhappy about this since I was up until 4 last night watching the complete Firefly series on DVD (who needs TWO rem cycles anyway?). I can't rave enough about this series. It's not what I'd call hard sci-fi, but has a bit of the flavor of Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick. If Han Solo ever had his own TV show, the plots would be a lot like the ones on Firefly. The constant stream of details just ooze flavor, and the characters are the most compelling of any sci fi series I've seen yet. Two thumbs way the hell up.

The place should be together in its final form by the end of the week. The new furniture Lea and I ordered from Crate and Barrel arrives Thursday, and a print I dropped off for framing should be done on Tuesday. Yesterday B and I managed to get my couch out of the old place in Newton in about 15 minutes, about half of what it took the professional delivery guys to shoehorn it in. Tougher than it sounds since the place in Newton was an old Victorian with narrow staircases. The pros left half-inch gouges in the walls to prove that the couch was the exact largest object that would fit up and down those stairs :) That leaves a new end table and a nightstand for Lea and we'll be pretty much all set.

Moving and the Week in Review

The move went without a hitch last weekend. Smoothest move I've ever done, despite the staggering piles of stuff we had to haul. Lots of practice, I suppose, and good help. Many thanks to lindyninja, kickindancer, salt_peanuts, Nick, and Glyn for all they did. The new place is coming together pretty nicely and I think Lea and I will be happy staying there for the next few years.

We spent the fourth over at Rob and katesg7's place in Winchester, had a great time.

The week at work was fairly boring, although the project may be ending sooner than I thought, so I need to get back into serious job-hunting mode. Not fun. EDIT: Turns out to be just a rumor. Looks like my job will be safe until January. I'll still need to get my hunt going, but it won't be as urgent as I'd feared.

Last weekend was pretty busy, too. Aside from the move-related errands we played kickball with lindyninja and company on Saturday afternoon and then went to P.F. Chang's and the Top of the Hub with Ashley, an old friend of mine, and her husband. We hadn't seen each other in about four years and have both been bad about staying in touch, so it was great to re-connect. I should really make an effort to catch up with other folks I've been only nominally in touch with for the last few years.

Wedding Pictures Are Up!!!

We still haven't seen the professional shots, but photos have been trickling in from everyone who came-- I've already got hundreds! I finally had time this weekend to put a few of my favorites up on my homepage The page is a couple megs, so it might take a minute to load depending on your connection.