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ninjalawyer's Journal

9 February 1977
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"Will Serwetman never responds to my posts. :(

He's way too busy fighting crime in the courtroom and in the dojo."

"A superhero team.
Angry Federalist and Ninja Lawyer!
They fight crime and the defend the inherent rights of the states over the goverment!"

"Pessimist by policy, optimist by temperament-- it is possible to be both. How? By never taking an unnecessary chance and by minimizing the risks you can't avoid. This permits you to play out the game untroubled by the certainty of the outcome."
-- Robert A. Heinlein

My Wu-name is Smiling Bandit.

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7.62mm nato, a tribe called quest, anarcho-capitalism, ar-15s, art deco, ashton cigars, atheism, austrian economics, axis & allies, ayn rand, bad religion, barry goldwater, battlelords, beastie boys, beating up pandas, beer snobbery, bettas, bill of rights, biodiesel, black and white photography, black templars, boston, breaking stupid rules, building stuff, call of duty, capitalism, car wars, chimay, coen brothers films, constitutional law, cream soda, cryonics, dancing badly, dark eldar, darwinism, defenestration, deltron 3030, digital photography, dr. demento, driving, economics, entp, ethics, extropianism, far side, fatboy slim, firearms, firefly, fn fals, forum 3000, framingham, freedom, futurism, gainful employment, guinness, gun building, guns, gwu, handsome boy modeling school, hapkido, heinlein, history, immortality, indian food, individualism, jackie chan, jaywalking, jet li, jiu-jitsu, joe the circle, kelly's roast beef, kevin smith, knives, kompressor, kung fu movies, lambic beer, law and economics, libertarianism, longevity, magic: the gathering, mars, masamune shirow, massachusetts rifle association, master of orion, matt ridley, military history, nanotech, neal stephenson, never updating my journal, ninjas, not baptizing any babies, objectivism, ogre, old skool, originalism, painting miniatures, philosophy, pho, photography, poker, politics, practicing law, preacher, procrastination, quote files, red faction, reel big fish, risk, rkba, robotech, rpgs, schlock mercenary, sci-fi, scorched earth, selling cameras, seven sunless days, shotokan karate, sigarms, sinfest, ska, small unit tactics, social distortion, space exploration, sporting clays, steak, strategy games, suffolk law, tekken, tetris, the beatles, the big lebowski, the mighty mighty bosstones, the nields, the pietasters, the pixies, the pogues, the punisher, the simpsons, the toasters, thousand sons, tolkien, transhumanism, umass amherst, warhammer 40k, watching out for stobor, wedding photography